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Taking Cheap Protein Shakes after Training


Recently, we have suggested solutions after training food; we will look at what you eat before training or before stepping jogging exercise.

It's not that complicated, just before exercise, even very intense, there is no need to eat anything. If you eat well in every 4 to 6 hours before training, of course, it also depends on your goal, you are watching. Again we notice the issue with seniors and racing sport, which need the formulation of diets with cheap protein shakes.

What is your training goal?

To work out for joy, health, good mood? Special diets before training does not solve just give yourself a break for an hour to digest. After the main meal take break much longer (at least 2 hours).

To promote fat burning? Here it's about something else.

Two ways to increase fat burning after a workout

One option is to eat and workout fasting (for example in the morning). What really controls our body, how do we burn? Any fat loss is so controlled sympathetically, part of the autonomous nervous system, which maintains optimum internal condition of the body. This fat burning by the sympathetic nerve activity can be activated either by fasting or exercise preferably by both together.

It is significant to realize that the energy you use during exercise, does not come from food consumed prior to exercise! Our body it draws from glycogen and fat stored in muscle, liver and fat cell. This reservoir of energy is sufficient for 1-2 hours very intense exercise or 3-4 hours of moderate-intensity exercise. Many people do badly at the beginning of training, when before it is fed. So what to eat in such a case before training and ideally support the fat burning?

An interesting option to increase fat burning and not have to practice fasting

According to the study published in Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise , consuming 20g Whey Protein 30 minutes before a hard workout starts metabolism (and thus combustion) for another 24 hours after training! If you take an additional 20 grams of protein after a workout, multiplying effect - reducing fat stores and muscle mass protection.

It's okay to eat anything before training. If you must have something to give, said variant whey protein is the best thing you can do. Something else - beware of artificial sweeteners in low calories protein shakes. When you look at the market suitable protein product, you can find a plethora of products and the vast majority will contain artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners cause more opposite than they promise. Preventing the natural mechanisms of the body to regulate appetite, briefly speaking - lead to weight gain. Moreover, they are quite likely to be harmful to health. Good to avoid them.

Cheap protein chakes - what to use and how to prepare?

On the market there are many protein mixtures, I personally recommend one that has no unnecessary additives in the form of artificial sweeteners (Stevia is quite ok) and artificial colorings. Among the top products include Sunwarrior protein (85% protein), very gently produced rice protein meeting the requirements of organic quality. You can choose version of the natural (no flavor), vanilla or chocolate - sweetened with Stevia. Other possibilities are proteins based on whey protein (i.e. Whey protein). Again, look for those with no artificial sweeteners.

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