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Roof Windows

How to Choose the Best Skylight for Your Home

Roof Windows

So you want to add skylights to your home. Wonderful! But where do you start? This guide will walk you through key factors in selecting the perfect skylight for you home and needs.

1.       Where Will the Skylight be Fitted?

Position and functionality of your skylight are the biggest aspects to consider when installing roof windows. Natural light is fantastic, but make sure you are placing the windows in an area where you will not be exposed to too much IV light!

2.       Will you need to Walk on the Skylight?

While this won’t be overly common, it is a factor to consider if your roof has pedestrian access. This includes roof terraces or internal corridors… consider how often someone will walk over the skylight and research which can stand the pressure of constant foot traffic.

3.       Does the window have to open?

Is this skylight strictly for lighting purposes, or will it provide a breeze and fresh air as well? If the window does have to open, consider how far it needs to open. Is a few inches enough, or is the skylight expected to act as an exit onto the roof?

What about the lever to open the window? Should it be a crank or a button?

4.       Consider the Shape of your Window

Skylights come in all shapes and sizes.  While Pyramid skylights are great for providing additional light into a small space, flat skylights do an amazing job as well. It is all dependent on how flexible you want your skylight to be when it comes to ventilation and access.

5.       Who will Install your Skylights?

This is a question to seriously consider when deciding on the type of skylight you want to add into your home. While skylights with upstands are usually very easy to install, they can carry some design flaws, which may cause the entire roof to be disturbed when repairs are needed.

Taking all of these factors into consideration is important when deciding on the type of flat roof windows you’d like to install into your home. Dig in, do some research; you are sure to find the right fit for your needs! 

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