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Comfortable and Happy in Silk Wear


Silk served as an enduring symbol of luxury for erstwhile royals, a symbol that has leaped over the end of royalty to continue its charm as fabric of choice for many.

So what is it that has ensured the continued popularity of silk? Let us have a look.

When discussing silk, it is easy to be besotted by its look and feel. The smoothness and visual opulence that silk conveys remains unmatched by any other fabric.

Interestingly, the visual splendor of silk is only one of its attributes; there other important qualities of silk that equally contribute to its popularity. Described below are those other equally specially attributes!

Provides comfort against hot flashes:

Women who suffer from hot flashes brought about by menopause, get great relief by the use of silk clothing and silk bed clothing. Menopause causes hormones to fluctuate, which leads to symptoms like increased temperature in body areas such as the chest, neck and face. Using a silk night shirts, underwear and bed sheet helps in containing the heat.

All weather comfortable fabric:

Be it winter or summer, silk is comfortable to wear irrespective of the season. When the temperature is high, silk makes you cool and comfortable. And when the temperature plummets, it provided warmth and a cozy feeling. Get into silk pyjamas and have good sleep.

Active against allergies:

Say good bye to fungus, mites, and bugs. With silk pyjamas, bed sheets, pillow covers, and night shirts, you can save yourself from being troubled by the allergens. Silk is a hypoallergenic fabric, and therefore, it keeps you free from allergies.

Prevent infections:

Silk has an in-built ability to absorb moisture; therefore, when used as a pyjama, innerwear, night shirt, etc. it absorbs moisture and creates a negative condition against bacteria and fungus. Moreover, it naturally repels mold.

As far as look and feel are concerned, there needs no telling about the qualities of silk, but apart from its looks and health benefits, silk excels in another important criteria — longevity.

Although fragile when seen and touched, silk is a very robust fabric; it is stretchable up to a whooping 20 percent, reason it remains integrated even when subjected to rough use.

So whether used as a formal wear, innerwear, night shirt, pyjama, or in any other form, silk surely benefits users in terms of health, looks, comfort, and longevity. In short, it is the best fabric known to us.

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