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Simple Rules To Increase YouTube Video Views


Increasing YouTube views requires a set of rules to be followed. One can immediately witness positive results once these rules are adhered to during the combined process of uploading videos. So without wasting any further words, let us get going in understanding and knowing the rules that matter in increasing YouTube Video Views.

Make you video noticeable; make it SEO friendly:

One of the most important rules to increase your YouTube views is to incorporate elements of Search Engine Optimization in your video description. Your video description should contain popular keywords. For example, a video review of iPhone 6 should contain keywords such as “best review of iPhone 6, in-depth review of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Camera, and User opinions about iPhone 6.” Moreover, the description should carry enough details about the video. The more your video is visible in search results, the more will be the views.

Give an apt title to you video:

If your video is about a ghost prank, make the title interesting even while keeping it short. The title should be able to attract attention and also describe the video in a few words.

Use an attractive thumbnail:

Google provides suggestions for a thumbnail, but you can create your own also and use it to attract attention of possible viewers of your video.

Tag it well:

The tag section of YouTube videos should carry all possible appropriate tags. You can use only 500 characters in your tag section, so make sure you use the relevant ones. There are 4 types of tags basically: specific tags, compound tags, generic tags, and probable tags. The specific tag is exactly about the subject of the video; the compound tag is combination of words which can be the subject of the video. Next in line is the generic tag, which basically carries the popular words that make up the subject of the video. The probable tag uses those expressions which are misspelled but are popular. Tagging is easy because Google always provides suggestions when you start to type tags in the box.

Get views from your immediate circle:

Your friends and colleagues can be the seed of a popular video. Mail you video link to each one them and request for their feedback and also request them to subscribe. Your immediate circle can make it possible to increase the reach of your video. In the mails to your friends and also in your video content, make a polite request for subscription.

Use social media links:

To increase your youtube views , it is necessary to create Facebook, Twitter and other social media links about the subject of the video and post the same in the video description. It increases discussion about the video and makes it possible to reach even those people who are not in YouTube.

Website and Written Content to promote and increase youtube views :

A dedicated website is the best way to act as a repository of your videos and as a catalyst to increase views. In your website, create appropriate written content to talk about different aspects related to video. Posting video links inside the content and sharing it with other is another great way to increase the video’s reach.

These set of rules give a definite boost to the number of views; stick to them and the results will be there for sure.

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