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Alfie Muller

Tracking Stem Cell Research Over the Years

Alfie Muller

Stem cells, during early life and growth, have the ability to develop into different types of cells in the body. Until the person or animal is alive, they replenish other cells by dividing limitlessly and thus act as an internal repair system. On division, the new cell can either remain a stem cell or become a different type of cell with a specialized function.

The stem cells help in replacing the cells lost through regular wear and tear, disease or injury. Due to their ability to regenerate, they have opened up a whole new world of possibilities towards treating diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Regenerative or reparative medicine deals with understanding how these cells can be used to treat diseases through cell-based therapies, to screen new drugs and to develop systems which can identify causes of birth defects and study normal growth.

Recently, stem cell research has successfully established its potential in regenerative medicines and engineering based therapies. The cross-disciplinary benefits of TERM (tissue engineering and regenerative medicine), are incredible and encompass stem cell research and stem cell bioprocessing. Stem cell tissue culture is a laboratory based practice and the bio process technologies employed to transfer it to the clinic as therapeutics involves many engineering practices and principles which help in making the process controlled, automated, valid and safe for the product. The new field of Regenerative Medicine combines the expertise of fields like chemistry, biology, materials, medicine and engineering. It helps in replacing or amplifying the body’s natural healing process by employing certain combinations of compounds, developed in the laboratory, with specially grown tissues and cells. Although the path is laden with challenges and obstacles, Regenerative Medicine is maturing and growing steadily.

EuroSciCon is all geared up to host an event in the month of June dealing with the Stem cell research and bioprocessing. This event will have various experts from different fields discussing the present strategies used to control stem cell fate and reprogramming. The event also promises a new insight into the molecular basis of pluripotency and differentiation. Overall the event tracks the progress of stem cell research over the years, its current progress towards bioprocessing and the various strategies in place to control it. Anyone who’s interested in stem cell biology and its use in biomedicine, bioprocessing and therapeutics, should definitely attend it.

If you are interested in other such events which deal with life sciences, do visit to know about the latest events in this domain. Whether you belong to the Pharma and Biotech industry, the research and academic institutes or have an enthusiastic fascination for the field, you’ll find an event which will pique your interest and fulfill your requirements. So register and get all the information right in your mailbox.

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