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Mildred Ross

Enjoy New Orleans Tour for Free

Mildred Ross

Numerous people dream about visiting New Orleans but they never choose it as holiday destination because they have the wrong idea that this is an expensive city. The truth is that there are numerous ways in which you can enjoy New Orleans for free, ways in which you can get into the atmosphere, feel its architecture, feel its special culture and its unique vibe, so get more info on how to do things for free. There are so many great things that you can do in New Orleans for free that you won’t even believe how busy your days in the city will be. Here are our recommendations.

The City Park- there are dozens of beautiful public parks that you can visit around New Orleans but there is one that stands out: the City Park. The City Park once held dozens of 600 year old oaks and even though many of them were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, there are still a few left for tourists and locals to admire. The 1,300 acres park was almost entirely destroyed during the hurricane but locals united and worked together in order to restore it. The outcome is spectacular, with new biking paths and walking paths and a lawn dedicated to concerts.

The “Cities of the Dead”- although it sounds a little bit strange, New Orleans is famous for its cemeteries. The tombs are above the ground in order to avoid them being destroyed by raising water levels and they all have French and Spanish architecture inspired ornaments. The sight is quite spectacular so you can’t miss this special landmark that New Orleans has to offer.

The Arts District- the galleries in this district can be visited for free the first Saturday of the month, so take advantage of this. These galleries will take you into New Orleans’ taste for art.

Live music on Frenchmen street- New Orleans is known for its live jazz, so check out this street during your stay in the city.

As you can see, the list of free things to do in New Orleans is long. The list is actually longer but we only mentioned the most important free attractions. You probably understand that you can be a New Orleans tourist on a budget and enjoy some spectacular things while in the city; you don’t necessarily have to pay a lot of money for expensive New Orleans tours. You just have to keep an open mind and do some additional reading on all the free opportunities available all around the city. Numerous people have visited New Orleans on a budget and they say that they absolutely enjoyed it so you can do it too. I know that you will have a great time and that you will want to get back as soon as your holiday is over. This is what New Orleans does with its tourists: it makes them fall in love with it, with its love for life and with its vibrant atmosphere. You are not going to regret choosing to visit New Orleans on your next holiday!

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