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Honora Williams

Saving Lives With First Aid Kits

Honora Williams
The golden hour — it refers to the first hour after an accident. It is known as the golden hour because of the increased chances of saving one’s life and possibility of recovery that it offers to the victim.

With the intervention of a doctor, a paramedic, or through administration of first aid in the golden hour, the consequences of serious injuries can be lessened, amputation can be avoided and lives can be saved.

Medical science lays huge importance on medical help in the golden hour. Even in cases of cardiac arrest, brain stroke and suffocation, early medical help is absolutely essential.
You cannot always guarantee that a doctor or specially trained medical expert will be available during an accident. The likelihood is unknown and more often than not, there is no specialist around. Accidents can occur in the most unlikely of places, in the most remote surroundings and in places far from the call of a doctor. You may not even have reception to call a doctor or paramedic, or due to your location, it may not be possible to receive the urgent medical attention that the victim requires.

These scenarios are real and they do manifest in many accident situations. Thankfully, having a well equipped first aid kit is very much possible everywhere, every time.

A fully equipped first aid kit, has all the potential and promise to be the difference between life and death, or injury and serious disability. Armies around the world were the first to understand the importance of first, mainly in response to the kind of injuries that are a part of fighting. They learned its use and passed the system to civilians.
Today, as we have become more mobile and faster in transportation and as we are more engaged in operating heavy machinery and powerful technology at both work and home, the chances of being caught on the wrong side of their benefits have also increased.

With experience, we have also learned to excel in looking after ourselves. First aid kits are the reason why in many cases, a situation may not turn from bad to worse. First aid kits are the reason why many lives and limbs have been saved.

Many countries have strict rules regarding the provision of first aid kits, prominent among them is Australia. First aid kits in Australia are regulated by law. According to the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice, Workplace Health & Safety laws, all workers in Australia are entitled to health and safety protection.

First aid kits are the first line of defense against any medical emergency or illness. Before the arrival of medical professionals, a first aid kit provides necessary stabilization to the victim. WHS first aid kits is a company providing high quality, fully equipped first aid kits in Australia. These kits are WHS compliant and are provided with components that can be easily used in an emergency.

Being ready with a first aid kit is the best way to be safe.
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