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Paul Rochefort

Beware of eBay and Paypal and the stupid selling policies.

Paul Rochefort
Beware of eBay and paypal. 

My problem started buy listing an item on eBay. I was a new ebayer. I sold my first item and offered local pick up only. The person that picked the item up was from another state.  He was a good far no problem . The problem started when I was told I would have to wait 21 days to get my money for the transaction,unless I provide tracking. If tracking is provided they (Paypal)said the funds could be released early but, there wasn't tracking because it was for local pick up only. I called paypal and said I didn't have tracking but, the purchaser and I left very good mutual feedback. I sugested that coud be proof that the transaction was completed satisfactory to both parties and would they please release my money. Thats when the stupid puppets at paypal said I still would have to wait 21 days . They could not go off script and think outside of their stupidity. So beware of they are all about the buyer not the seller. You the seller deliver on your end of the deal the buyer can use, ruin destroy. burn out and steel parts for 21 days. Then return your item. Then try and speak to anybody above them in the food chain. Good luck. My advice is find another auction site. Ebay paypal customers Beware.

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