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Cat Repellent Sprays - Keep Cats Off From Your Garden


If you are a dedicated gardener who simply loves gardening, you would tend to protect your garden from all wrong things that might bring a storm cloud to all your hard work. And cats definitely fall under the category of wrong doers when it comes to gardening, because as we know they have this habit of playing, rolling around and doing all the naughty things possible, not only out in the garden but also inside the house as well. To keep cats at bay and prevent them from vandalizing your garden, cat away spray is one good option. But people in general are very less aware that these cat repellent sprays are made using a mixture of crazy, pestiferous chemicals which when used in more than the adequate quantity would do more damage to your garden than a cat actually would. There are so many cat repellent sprays that have been tried, tested and experimented upon by lots of researchers across the globe, but have hardly returned any good results.

But as long as the fact goes, there are certain smells that certain animals dislike intensely. Manufacturers and researchers have spent millions just to get the right chemicals in right quantity to create that perfect sample of cat away spray that would not only keep the cats at bay, but also won’t harm or show any signs of damage towards those beautiful plants you worked for and have nurtured so long. The perfect repellant spray won’t repel those tiny little birds and butterflies which could have added the charm and loveliness to your garden which it deserves. For instance, imagine you have worked for weeks and spent a lot of your energy, money and time to create that perfect piece of flower bed in the center of your garden. And one fine evening you come back home from work to see your cat or probably your neighbor’s, rolling and playing with those beautiful flowers, pulling them out of the ground or may be even completely digging them in. What would run in your head? How would you feel when you look at your flower bed that you worked so much on?

To be honest, nobody here is trying to portray cats as humongous evil monster who would slowly take over the world someday after they have destroyed all the gardens one by one. We all know they are just animals and are only behaving to their instincts. But that does not change the fact that this cute little animal might have not only damaged a garden but also something more that only a true gardener can understand.

Cats not only harm your gardens but they can even urinate inside your houses, or jeopardize or scratch your furniture or your other most valued delicate stuffs. Probably they are just playing around but even cat lovers don’t appreciate such scenarios. You obviously would not want to see your favorite sets of Matryoshka dolls which your husband gifted you when he returned back from Russia broken into pieces. To avoid such instances, indoor cat repellent sprays are also available.

Yes, the repellent sprays are manufactured separately for indoors and outdoors for obvious reasons. And the reason being, for outdoors it should be fine if the perfume or the fragrance of the spray is more towards the stronger side, but when it comes indoors, it would be difficult for you or your family to bear the strong smell of the repellent spray, especially when you might have your air conditioning running. That is one of the precise reasons with many others, the researchers and the manufacturers thought of creating a unique sample of spray to repel the cats from indoors and simultaneously not turn out to be suffocating and very hazardous to you or your family, especially when you might have kids around.

The cat repellents are temporary relief measures. Not only they consume so much of your time while spraying them but also add to your expense while buying a new set of repellent every now and then, when they get easily washed out during rain or while watering your garden. And on a business point of view, this is exactly what the manufacturers want from the consumers; to buy again and again.

The best way to keep the cats away from your garden or house is to use the repellents in conjunction with other mechanisms to get some effective results. There are other available methods that go hand in hand with the repellent sprays which can work wonders for your garden’s wellbeing. And so, you don’t happen to make lasting damage on your garden with all that harmful chemicals, there are homemade cat repellents also that are natural and effective way to keep animals at a distance.

In conclusion, repellents are effective when partnered with other methods as well to avoid any kind of harm to your garden with more than adequate chemicals.

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