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A Guard in Green


Wondering what this title means?

Let’s cut to the chase. We know there are several methods and sprays that keep the cat away from the most favorite part of your lawn or probably from the whole garden itself. But what if I told you there is another method that can do the same. What if I told you that this method involves a plant itself? Yes, there are plants that deter cats. And there are quite a few plants that work magically with its natural properties in your garden for you and they are tagged as plants that repel cats.

As we all are quite aware of the fact that these kittens and cats behave to its instincts and create menace most of the times. Running, rolling on the carefully taken care flower bed, digging holes on the ground, and so many other things in a cat’s everyday to do list. To avoid these situations, in conjunction with other cat repellent methods we can also use plants to deter cats which in turn does not do any sort of physical damage to these feline species. And you can also make your garden look more beautiful and attractive with less physical traps or with less use of other chemical cat repellents. These plants can also be used indoors to shoo away the cats.

Naming the guards:

These plants do not work 100 percent, but these plants that repel cats does work pretty fine due to its pungent odor. It also keeps other mammals at bay from the garden with its properties. Let me list out few plants and its repelling properties. A plant that deters cats which I want to name firstly is Coleus Canina. This plant is hated by the felines and the canines. These plants do not grow much taller but these can be planted as border for your garden. When the cats try to pass through it and rub their fur on the leaves, the leaves gives out the repelling odor that cats hate.

Another plant that I would want to name is Ruta Graveolens. These plants are also called as Rue and are an effective breed of plants to deter cats as they produce a very strong and offensive fragrance for our feline friend. There are few other plants which should be available which should be available in number of nurseries and gardens. Under plants that deter cats, cactus and other thorny plants can be used. But these might be hurtful and painful for the cats or other mammals including the gardener. Extra care should be taken with such thorny plants while planting it and even after that, as there might be kids in your house who might be running around in your garden at times and we would not wish to see them hurt.

To summarize:

The cat repellent plants not only repel cats from your garden, but also make your garden look more attractive. And to have an effective cat repelling experience, it is always suggested to use these plants in conjunction with other cat repelling methods.

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