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Duetsche bank

I have to warn people about the Duetsche bank. Please don't use this bank! Not if you need a student account at this bank. They make processes inconvenient and the staff feels unaccountable because they can reproduce verbatim the misguiding information that is on the bank's site for international students. Should your German student visa application be denied, woe betide you! The bank needs for you to hustle application documents for your money that is in their bank, where once they receive the application documents for the unblocking of your account they will not notify you and then make you wait for atleast two weeks for the lot of money that you've so diligently prepared and entrusted in the bank to keep in an account that you can't touch. Two weeks! I exclaimed on the phone. they don't seem to think it could be a problem and if it is, then sorry. Now I understand that the bank should follow protocol, but they're uncommunicative and a waiting period that is atleast two weeks long, is unacceptable. 
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