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Gary Anderson

3 Safety Tips To Remember While Hiring An Escort

Gary Anderson
There’s no better pleasure than hiring a Las Vegas escort as your companion for a wild night in Sin City. From beautiful blondes and sexy Latinas to adventurous Asians, we have an escort to satisfy your myriad moods and preferences. But if you want the experience to be memorable, there are a few safety tips you should remember:

Choose A Reputable Agency:

Your safety depends on the quality you choose for yourself. A seedy escort agency may promise great bargains, but the reputable ones do not.  They’re open about how much they charge and do not entertain customers who haggle for discounts – if you cannot afford one, you better not hire them. Well established agencies have strict privacy policies; they are discreet and depend on repeat customers for business. They make their models and staff sign non-disclosure agreements. Consider the language used on the website and their marketing. The images also offer clues about the level of service they provide.

Do not reveal personal details:

Our Las Vegas escorts know you’re in for a fun time. They won’t bother you by asking questions about your personal or professional life. Our escorts do not need to know about your wife, children, or job. Remember not to answer or ask personal questions; keep the appointment strictly professional. You may be making yourself vulnerable to blackmailing or worse, theft. Pay in cash. This is a cash intensive industry; debit cards and checks aren’t appreciated. Maintain discretion while in public. Escort agencies prefer if you contact them by phone, or by filling in their contact form. Do not be offended if they ask you questions – they’re trying to make sure that it is safe to deal with you. However, you do not have to answer to questions that are likely to harm your reputation.

Practice safe sex:

Do not request unprotected sex. The Las Vegas escort may cancel her services and not offer a refund. You may also be blacklisted permanently from the agency’s contact details. Keep yourself clean before the appointment. Shave a day before the appointment so that you do not have a cut in the genital area. Needless to say, refrain from sex if you have a sexually transmitted disease, or suspect that the escort may have one. Stay away from escorts who you think have taken drugs or are intoxicated.

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