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Creating an Influencer Marketing Campaign Strategy


Campaign goals and KPIs:

As you would with any marketing program, approach your first influencer marketing effort knowing what you want to get out of it. For example, is your goal to:  

Boost awareness of a new product by 30 percent?

Generate $60K in additional sales for an existing product?

Drive 250K people to a website, or 2,500 to a retail store?

Increase the size of your mailing list by 25 percent?  

Laying out goals in advance informs how you connect campaign elements, from influencers to content to metrics. Be specific. Use numbers. Aim high.

Ideal influencers:

Influence is less about reach, more about relevance. I can’t emphasize this enough.

We know from experience just how easy it is to fall under the spell of an influencer with a massive audience, especially if that influencer fits your target demographic.

Many a brand has marched zombie-like into such an influencer’s open arms. And who can blame them, it’s the traditional metric marketers grew up with in an offline world, and old habits die hard.

Don’t let reach alone pull you in. Instead, set your starry eyes on influencers with relevant audiences—audiences that match the profile of your target consumers.

Case in point: After its first few influencer campaigns targeting women who drink coffee, WhiteWave Foods discovered that its most effective influencer reached a broad base of coffee drinkers—but didn’t drink coffee herself!

Here are a few other points to ponder with your team as you create an influencer persona.

1. What businesses complementary to yours are your target consumers interested in? And who influences for those business?

2. What topics or keywords might your target consumers use to search for content? Which influencers speak on those topics or use those keywords?

3. What factors would knock an influencer out of the running? Past work with a competitor? Work in a space that doesn’t mesh with your brand’s values?

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