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Sandeep Sukhija

Goods and passenger lifts service providers – how to choose and what to expect

Sandeep Sukhija

Engineering domain expertise is an obvious requirement among the manufacturer of goods and passenger lifts. Owing to space constraint in buildings, very rarely a building can accommodate two shafts separately for freight & passenger lifts. In twenty-first century, this is virtually becoming non-existent in residential buildings & a combination of both is what is being looked out for.

Manufacturers innovate, apply their knowledge & skills to come up with a unique solution that can work both as goods and passenger lifts having adequate safety measure & without damaging the speed & any other functionality.

Know the best for your job:

Availability of a number of reputed brands in the market makes it both easy as well as difficult for customers to choose from among a plethora of products & services. The features that should ideally make their way to ‘things to look out for’ are as follows:

  • Request the manufacturers for a surveillance of the area, building & submit quotations
  • Look out for the capacity of load carrying & how much weight it can accommodate while carrying both passenger & goods
  • Check out the designs & installations procedure to understand how much cost is involved in a minimalist design would call for a low-cost installation
  • If you do not know the entire quotation, seek out the help of an engineer or better still the architect or construction engineer of the building where the elevator will be installed
  • Check out for the sourcing of the components - whether they will be outsourced to other companies or manufactured by the crane manufacturers themselves.
  • Interior design should be in line with the look of the building
  • Safety & security compliance as per international standards are a must

What all to expect from these services?

An authentic crane manufacturer of combined goods and passenger lifts will always incorporate particular tailor made features while installing these elevators. The most important characteristic of them all is the added safety & security measure given the purpose of the elevator. A strong focus is given on the commercial viability & mobility of the elevators while the budget of the customer has to be accommodated in line with the safety measures. Also, customer satisfaction holds supreme; due care is maintained in installing & providing regular maintenance service by crane manufacturers.

Few noted features of elevators include:

  • The goods and passenger lifts run on a traction drive unit which is given additional strength by using three ropes out of which two ropes function independently whereas the third rope is connected with a counterweight
  • Speed governors along with the connected counterweight gives the additional security to the elevator that has a seamless movement without any jerks
  • Jerks & speed reduction are two components that can be damaging. Speed governor remove the obstacles & helps the elevators operate without any roadblocks

A reputed brand will look into all these and ensure steady performance. Things become even more complicated with the height of the building and this is where a reliable goods and passenger lifts service provider comes in. Look into their expertise and employ only the best.

Contact :

Address:101, A Wing,Jethe Tower, 1st Floor,Ambawadi,
S.V.Road,Dahisar (E), Mumbai, 400068
Phone : +91 9619536168
Landline Number:
Sales : 022 28919320 / 21 / 22
Sales : 022 28955361 / 022 28951230 / 022 28940186
Servicing : 022 28919323 / 24
Email :

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