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Joshua Pounder

Bombs for Testing Intelligence.

Joshua Pounder

Answer the following questions to determine how smart you are;

a) Has the USA found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

b) Has the USA NEVER killed civilians, children and babies during the invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan?

c)  Is it OK to kill people with bombs, rockets or poison gas?

d) Can the American system of democracy work for all countries?

e) Does the USA always share its intelligence information with its allies?

f) Did you ever hear of Islamic State (IS) before the USA invaded Iraq and Afghanistan?

g) Is it OK for the USA to attack other countries without proof of wrong-doing or proper investigation?

If you answered most or all of the above questions with a negative response you are most definitely smart. Ask yourself one final question;

What can we do as allies of the USA to distance ourselves from them and therefore insulate our Countries from the threat of war or terror.    

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