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#PHI-105 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


Full Course PHI-105 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking and  Problem Solving



PHI 105 Complete Class


PHI 105 Topic1 DQ 1


Do you currently use any specific strategies to help improve your memory? If so, please share them. If not, what kinds of things might you try in the future to help improve your memory?


PHI 105 Topic1 DQ 2


Based on your definition of critical thinking, what is the value of critical thinking to you personally, academically, or professionally?


PHI 105 Week 1 Assignment Persuasive Essay: Topic and Audience Worksheet



Review the document titled “Persuasive Essay Guidelines.”
Complete the Persuasive Essay: Topic and Audience Worksheet.
You will receive feedback on your assignment from your instructor by the start of Topic 2.


Persuasive Essay: Topic and Audience Worksheet

If you did not take UNV 104 or if you would like to review the writing concepts introduced in UNV 104, it is suggested that you view a media piece entitled, “The Writing Process,” which is available to support the development of your writing skills. For this Topic, focus on the “Planning and Getting Started?” section of the media piece.


Part 1: Select a Topic


Choose a topic for your Persuasive Essay from the list below. If you would like to write about a topic that is not on the list, contact your instructor via email to request approval.


·         Gun control

·         Legalization of marijuana

·         Abortion

·         Euthanasia

·         Banning books (censorship)

·         Mandatory military service

·         Separation of church and state

·         Charter schools

·         Same-sex marriage

·         Flag burning (Does someone have the right to burn the flag of the country? Who gives them that right?)

·         Death penalty

·         War

·         Prostitution



·         What is the topic you have chosen for your persuasive essay?


·         Begin thinking about the different issues associated with the topic you have selected, narrow your focus, and take a pro or con position for the subject of your essay. Present a simple statement of your position here.




Section II: Identify your Audience


Answer the following questions regarding the audience for your essay.

·         Who do you intend to read your essay?




·         Are there clues in this particular assignment about who your audience is?




·         Do you have more than one audience? If so, how many do you have? List them.




·         What is the appropriate way to address this audience (professional, familial, friendly)? Why?





·         What about your topic is important to your audience? What about your topic is not important to your audience?



PHI 105 Week 1 Assignment What Is Critical Thinking? Essay Question



Find three sources that discuss critical thinking. One source should be from the assigned and/or optional readings, and the other two should be found through your own research. Read the three sources, and consider how they define critical thinking.

In 300-500 words, explain your own personal definition of critical thinking. Keep
the following guidelines in mind:

1.        Select a direct quote from one of your resources to include in your explanation.

2.        A reference page that documents the three sources you found (and any other resources you used) is required. Remember, all outside sources must be cited both in-text and on your reference page.

3.        The articles you found in your research may influence your definition, but your own ideas should be evident. In other words, your process should be: a) Read some definitions and descriptions of critical thinking; b) Comprehend or digest the information; and c) Write your own definition of critical thinking.

(Note: Do not simply reword the definitions you read. Consider a new way to explain what you understand critical thinking to be.)

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.



PHI 105 Topic 2 DQ 1


Do you believe the statement “perception is reality”? Why or why not?


PHI 105 Topic 2 DQ 2


Critique the two presentations available under this week’s readings. What do you think is done well in each and what do you think could have been done better? Consider presentation best practices such as use of white space, amount of text per slide, font size, etc. In addition, analyze if the content is well-organized, comprehensive, and informative.


PHI 105 Week 2 Assignment Perception Presentation



Imagine you are an expert on critical thinking. You have been asked to give a presentation on the concepts of perception and critical thinking. Create a PowerPoint that contains the following:

1.        Eight slides (one title slide, six content slides, and one
reference slide)

2.        How all five senses impact perception

3.        The role of perception in critical thinking

4.        Speaker notes that elaborate on the bulleted content on
your slides

5.        Three resources (one from the library, and two from
outside research)

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

Review the PowerPoint tutorial on the Microsoft website accessible through the GCU library for help with how to use Microsoft PowerPoint. See this week’s readings for the link.



PHI 105 Week 2 Assignment Persuasive Essay: Brainstorm Worksheet



Complete the Persuasive Essay: Brainstorming Worksheet.


Persuasive Essay: Brainstorming Worksheet

Review “How Should I Brainstorm?” in the media piece “The Writing Process.” The media piece explores six ways to brainstorm:


·         Free Writing

·         Breaking Down a Topic

·         Listing

·         Mapping/Webbing

·         Three Perspectives

·         Journalistic Questions



Assignment Directions:

1.        Choose three ways to brainstorm from the list above.

2.        Brainstorm about the topic of your Persuasive Essay using each of your chosen three methods.

3.        Document your brainstorms in the space provided below.

4.        If you choose to brainstorm by mapping/webbing, document your brainstorm within the media piece and save it as a PDF file (directions are included in the media piece), which you will then submit to the drop box along with this completed resource (an assignment drop box can accept more than one assignment).


Documentation of Brainstorm:

Record your brainstorms below, using as much space as needed for each entry.


Brainstorm One:



Brainstorm Two:



Brainstorm Three:



PHI 105 Topic 3 DQ 1


List three to five of the most significant decisions you have made in your lifetime. To what degree did your emotions play a role in those decisions?


PHI 105 Topic 3 DQ 2


What is “emotional intelligence” (EQ)? How does it compare to IQ? How can your EQ help you? Is one (EQ or IQ) more valuable than the other?


PHI 105 Week 3 Assignment Cognitive Distortions Worksheet



Complete the Cognitive Distortions Worksheet.


PHI 105 Week 3 Assignment Fallacy Study Guide



In topic 4, you will be learning about fallacies. This is a challenging concept for many students. This week you will use the template provided to create a study guide to help you better understand fallacies.


PHI 105 Week 3 Persuasive Essay: Thesis Statement and Gathering Resources Worksheet



Complete the Persuasive Essay: Thesis Statement and Gathering Resources Worksheet.
Review the scoring guide for this assignment included in the worksheet to ensure successful completion.



PHI 105 Topic 4 DQ 1


Review a social media blog and examine it for fallacious
reasoning. Identify at least two examples of fallacies that we have discussed in class within the selected blog. Record the fallacious quotes from the blog, and explain what type of fallacy you believe they are. For follow-up discussion, decide whether or not you agree or disagree with your classmates and explain why. Your response should be based on the fallacy only, not the content of the selected blog.

Include a citation for the source you use.


PHI 105 Week 4 Persuasive Essay: Outline Worksheet



Complete the Persuasive Essay: Outline Worksheet.
Review the grading checklist for this assignment at the end of the worksheet to ensure
successful completion.

Persuasive Essay: Outline Worksheet


Review “How Do I Organize My Brainstorm into an Outline?” in “The Writing Process” Media piece.


Assignment Directions:

Use the Persuasive Essay Outline on the next page to outline your persuasive essay by completing the following:

·         Use the feedback you received from your instructor to revise your thesis statement.

1.        Write your thesis as a complete sentence (as you would in your essay) in the “Thesis Sentence” section under the Introductory Paragraph heading in the outline below.

·         Create a topic sentence for each of the three paragraphs that comprise the body of your essay.

1.        Record the topic sentences in each of the “Topic Sentence” sections under the “Support for Thesis” headings in the outline below.

2.        Your topic sentences should support your thesis and provide transitions between the paragraphs.

·         Write at least three details for each topic sentence.

1.        These details should provide support for the topic sentence. (Review the example outline below)

2.        Remember to include at least one in-text citation for each supporting paragraph.

·         Write a concluding sentence under the “Conclusion” heading in the outl

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