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Mike Yesihave

How to sharpen a knife?

Mike Yesihave
I know there a many advice on the net " how to sharpen your knife "
but all over them tell you the same .....go to a store and by this or that  ( sharpening stone, sharpening with a steel ,or  a knife sharpen set   ) in any way i have to invest some money and time
but now i'm in the kitchen and i want to slice my Onion and meat , so i was thinking how can i do now without leaving my home or invest money because i want to cook my meal now.
So i was thinking some of equipment they tell you to get from a store a just plastic with two peace of metal where you have to slice the knife true . So im looking around in my kitchen and i see  a scissor ..... and i try it ,
i just slice the knife between the scissor a couple of times and then i give it a try and cut my onion and it's was just fine , my knife was shape again . I then try some other knife's all with plain blades and it workout fine .

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