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Bloom Media Corp.

SEO | 3 Hacks and Tricks that will surely amazed you

Bloom Media Corp. Entrepreneur
If you are in the Industry of business and where your assets in having ROI is through online. You need to contact those experts and have a deal with them. Though we also have experts in our group, e.i SEO, Digital marketer, VA, Dev Guys, etc. But in our state (where we've just been started) you need to collaborate those guys out there who is been in the industry for quite a long time.

P.S. Our experts inquire and was quoted by this company for consultation. See conversation below (Not the full convo)

>Our Team :


we've just been started and planning to get our company ahead on Google Search.

We've done a lot of link building but most of them is not reflecting well, i supposed 

were linking in sh**y domains and low PRs. 


>Vep Guy :

LinkBuilding as your main core of visibility? No way, you must need to invest in content creation 

social media presence , or you can even do paid ads.

>Our Team :

However we have this little progress of Link Building, but we just need to enhanced it and find a little way 

on how to do it. I will pay for it. I believe that you guys were strategist. 

>Vep Guy :

We are, but we don't actually into one strategy  and we don't do such things that will put our client's site to risk. However if that's was your Goal (I'm seeing that you wanted to boost and leverage traffic) then let my 

team do a strategy for you that suits your needs. No need to pay, just plug our company in your own little ways.

Will update you soon.


OverView of Hacks and Tricks

  •  = PR 5
  • = PR 9
  • =  PR 7

Note : Before you proceed, make sure the link/page in different High Authority site  (stated above) is being cached almost a Month (crawlability for spiders/bots). To ensure your links/anchor text links attached will be graded and cached.

Additional note, after the implementation., if the moderator sees your edit, will surely delete it. Wikipedia as well. Whereas in Quora, no need to worry that much.

Hack # 1 ( )

1) create an account

2) find a page,website or brand you might know that is well established online.

4) check cache date

3) edit & add your link.

4) save

Hack # 2 ( )

1) create an account

2) find a page, internal links

4) check cache date

3) edit & add your link (either as internal page, or external link (reference))

4) save

Hack # 3 ( )

1) create an account

2) find a topic

4) check cache date

3) edit & add your link (either as internal page, or external link (reference))

4) save

That's All. Hope you enjoy.


I'm posting this, not for promotion, but to share my thoughts what I learned from collaboration. And 

for the offer of this humble company that full of strategic guys . You can simply outreach and have a free consultation (check your website status and give marketing plan) for your site . Yes I mean free!

Follow them at :




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Aaron Andy
Aaron Andy interesting article, ill try this for
03/05/2015 17:04:30
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