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Ranjeet Singh

Latest Patent from Apple Inc.

Ranjeet Singh CEO and Founder at
Technology giant from US, Apple Inc. is a company which has enough patent rights on most of its mobile applications which were developed by them for their trade mark iOS. Everyone is familiar with their apps most of them are easy to access. Every move from Apple will be interesting. May be it is the new release of its new version of iPhone or a development of a new app whatever, it will be interesting to know about it.
Apple Inc. now has applied for a patent on a new technology which was developed by them in the recent days. They named this technology as transparent texting, which allows the smartphone user to text safe while walking by displaying a video at the background of the text with whatever is happening in front of him.
Many of the smartphone users keep their concentration on the screen by texting and ignore what is happening in front of them which may lead to accidents. This happens with every smartphone user that is addicted to his phone.
A recent study from the researchers of Buffalo University in US found that more accidents are happening while texting and driving as well as texting while walking. This happens at an average per mile. These kind of accidents are more often and severe which causes more physical injuries. Often this happens while walking and texting.
Apple’s transparent texting can solve this problem by replacing the background of the text with the video of whatever happening in front of the smartphone user with the help of a rear camera which will be helpful for the users to notice what is happening in front of them which may avoid accidents. With the help of transparent texting, the smartphone user can concentrate on the text as well as what is happening in front of him.
According to the patent filed, "A user who is walking while participating in a text messaging session may inadvertently collide with or stumble over objects in his path because his attention was focused on his device's display instead of the path that he was traversing”.
This means the transparency feature could be activated by pressing a transparency button while texting through which a video starts displaying at the background of the text which contains the situation in front of the smartphone user. In the patent file they mentioned that the text would be of opaque or semi-transparent. People would prefer semitransparent as they could see what is happening in front of them very clearly. Buy some people would prefer more comfortable by choosing opaque that covers only letters in it.
Actually this patent was filed in September of 2012 with the concept of transparent texting, including replacing the background of a webpage with a live video feed, so that the text of a website is replaced over whatever environments the user is moving through. This is mainly developed to reduce the accidents during texting while walking. On the other hand, this new feature of the smartphone which is going to be on every smart device soon may make the viewer’s more addicted to the smartphone.
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