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Jay Viradiya

Facebook Will use Drones and Satellites in Dissemination of Internet

Jay Viradiya
The King of Social Networks-“Facebook” and the Owner of Facebook “Mark Zuckerburg” blazons the dissemination of Internet Service over Drones, satellites and Lasers! Keeping the wild desires for internet- in mind, Mark Zuckerburg has predicted the future of internet beaming in unimaginable way.

The change in basis of beaming internet by through Facebook Connectivity Lab comprises the alteration in the wagons that deliver internet, wherein aerially elevated solar powered aircrafts would be capacitated to beam internet through free space optical communication implementing infrared laser beam that tends to transmit data over light, whereas remote areas with minimal population will be availed with internet through low-precinct and geo-concomitant satellites.

The batteries of air-crafted drones are presumed to get charged through solar energy, where a monthly maintenance will be carried out by landing them on ground. Facebook on one hand is the social network and Facebook Connectivity Lab will turn it into Network of Networks on other hand.

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