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Eugene Bopp

Deflating the false theories about the Private Jet Charter Services

Eugene Bopp Owner

A private jet is a symbol of luxury, style and glamour. Multiple rumors and misconceptions revolve around the concept of private aviation therefore pushing people to believe that they are unsuitable to hire one of the best private jet charter services in New Jersey. However, most of the theories about flying a private jet are not true. Read on to find out more about some of the common private jet charter myths.

Myth 1

Business executives hire a private jet only for the ostentatious display of their wealth

Luxury seekers and business people are the most common types of people who hire an air charter service TEB. Business executives and professionals hire a jet charter service to save time primarily. The private service offers access to smaller airports that cannot be reached through regular commercial flight services. Thus private charter flights can take passengers closer to their destination and within a shorter time span. Apart from this, business people prefer private aviation for its flexibility, timeliness and reliability.

Myth 2

Private jet charter flights are not as safe as the commercial flights

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for the implementation and regulation of safety process and other procedures in the commercial as well as private aviation sector. FAA ensures safe private flying through regular inspections as well as surprise quality tests. All private jet charters are monitored and safety scores are given. In addition to this, other third party agencies are also held accountable for various safety standards like pilot training, vehicle maintenance and so on.

Myth 3

Private charter jet services are outrageously expensive

Private charter jet services are not cheap but certainly worth every penny we pay. For instance, when you choose to hire one of the New Jersey private jet services, you save substantial time, bypass other expenses like taxis, additional luggage costs and so on. Meetings can be held on the go and the team can continue to work together in their private jet thus showcasing increased productivity. In fact, the per-person cost while using a private jet is almost equivalent to a first class ticket and the former gives many more advantages on the traveler too.

Myth 4

Private jet charter flight also imposes security checks and delays on the patient

With private jet charter services in New Jersey, there is no more fear about the long queues and tiring checks in the airport. Most airports have a separate counter for passengers who are flying out on their own and this makes it very easy and less time consuming for them. The process is quick and hassle-free and saves a lot of time for anyone.

The author is a marketing executive in a private jet charter service in New Jersey. He loves writing informative blogs during his leisure time to educate the people regarding the private jet charter services. Read here to know more

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