About us

Spacenab is a social media web startup aims to make a world’s largest open content sharing platform. Its prime motive is to make your content viral and spread your words to all around the world.

Spacenab is a complete alternative of blog, and provides you a simplest and easiest way to publish your content online. Spacenab minimizes your efforts to find the right audience for your content. It creates buzz and makes your content available across the globe.

Anyone can use this platform to post their contents, photos, and infographics with ease. People can share information, knowledge, news, stories, articles, personal experience, feelings, issues, concerns and lots more by using our platform. It gives you a full authority to create, edit and delete the post. You can see the live statistics of your post like no. of views and social shares.

People can use Spacenab as a source of knowledge base. People can find their interests and explore the new things. People can express their opinions to others posts and can also increase their understanding about the topic. That is how we can mutually help each other and create a learning culture.

Companies and startups can also use this platform to generate leads and for PR purpose without spending a cent.

We already made so many viral posts in the past and will continue to provide you a better services in future.

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